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Near-death experience in Moab

leads to game-changing invention

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REMPedals’™ Neodymium magnet
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REMPedal System combines best
qualities of clipless and platform pedals


The Edge Of The Cliff | Hustle Bike LabsThey say necessity is the mother of invention. Well staring down your own mortality may just be the evil stepmother. The idea for the Hustle REMPedal was born in a life-or-death moment — LITERALLY! — as Craig Payne hung onto a rock for dear life one summer day in Moab. Here’s his story:

“I’m flying down the notorious Portal Trail, where the next do-or-die challenge is always just around the corner. The trail is becoming very narrow; there’s a canyon wall on my left and on my right, a sheer cliff dropping straight down to the Colorado River several hundred feet below. I’m riding that thin line between confidence and fear… but perhaps I have too much of the former and not enough of the latter. And what happens next nearly kills me. 

I approach a rock garden carrying way too much speed. I bounce off a boulder, causing me to lose my balance. The only way to stay in control is to use my feet — BUT I’M CLIPPED INTO THE PEDAL, AND I CAN’T RELEASE THEM FAST ENOUGH! Now I’m falling. Now rolling. Now I stop, and when my wits return I realize I’m holding onto to a boulder, the lower half of my body hanging over the cliff edge. 

Well, you’re reading this, so clearly I made it out of there alive (although I probably shouldn’t have). But that moment changed the course of my life dramatically: Hanging there, one finger slip away from certain death, I realized there was a problem that I needed to solve. Well, two I guess: the first one was how to survive the moment, which I managed to do. 

The other was a bit longer term but just as critical in my mind: How can I design a pedal system that offers the best of the two common systems available now — flat/platform and clipless. My precarious perch could have been easily avoided if only I could have quickly released my shoe from the pedal: And this can happen to any rider in any situation. In fact, if you’re reading this you’ve no doubt had a similar mishap and understand the dilemma completely. 

At that moment I knew, for my own safety and the safety of all riders, I had to design a system with the security and pedaling efficiency of traditional clipless pedals, but with the freedom and easy-off performance of platform pedals. The REMPedal is that system!



Craig Payne - Founder | Hustle Bike Labs


Grew up in the Panhandle of Texas in a hard-working, close-knit family. He was the youngest of five siblings, all of whom loved being outdoors. He spent most of his childhood on bikes. Any bike. All kinds of bikes. His first paying job, at the age of twelve, was on a farm, and the money he earned went towards buying those bikes. 

As so many kids in the 80’s he raced BMX and then graduated to road racing, which carried him through his teens and into his twenties. Bikes have been in almost every chapter of his life, and to this day he still gets a thrill — the same thrill he got as a kid — every time he gets to hit the dirt!


Cycling has been around for hundreds of years will certainly be around for hundreds more. One of the main reasons for this longevity is innovation: Since the earliest days enthusiasts, tinkerers, engineers — and just plain bike fanatics like me who almost killed themselves — have never rested on their laurels, and that’s why we have such phenomenal technology today. 

While many ideas have come and gone — who can forget the BioPace cranks — the truly ingenious and innovative have changed the sport by making riders more comfortable, safer, faster, etc. For instance, back in the ’60s, Dr. Alex Moulton had the idea that bicycles need suspension some revolutionary way to make it work. How many of you ride WITHOUT suspension now?

Dr. Moulton was not alone. Carbon fiber has allowed bikes to become unimaginably light and stiff. Disc brakes for road and mountain have drastically increased stopping power allowing faster yet safer descents. Tubeless wheels and tires mean fewer flats and smoother rides. You get the idea.


Once we (thankfully) began to emerge from our death-trap toe clips in the 70’s and 80’s with clipless pedals for road and later MTB, the basic closure systems are all similar and haven’t changed that much over time. And unfortunately it’s a flawed system that requires a good bit of finesse to escape at the best of situations and can flat-out fail in the worst.

REMPedal Concept Sketch | Hustle Bike Labs
REM Magnetic Pedal Wooden Prototype Next To The Final Product | Hustle Bike Labs
Rare Earth Magnet Next To The REM Magnetic Clipless Bike Pedal | Hustle Bike Labs
The REMPedal Utilizes Rare Earth Magnets To Provide A Clipless Connection | Hustle Bike Labs
REMPedals Ready For Installation | Hustle Bike Labs
Magnetic Clipless Bike Pedals Ready For The Trail | Hustle Bike Labs


We at Hustle think it’s high time to take the next evolution in pedals, and we found our inspiration in the earth on which we love to ride. Rare Earth to be exact. While companies have combined platform and clipless pedals for years now, they still used that same imperfect closure system to connect the foot to the pedal — HUSTLE Bike Labs has changed the paradigm by replacing that system with the other-worldly power of Rare Earth Magnets inside traditional platform bodies. The resulting REMpedals offer the same security and efficiency on the upstroke as clipless but with a much easier and more natural release — no finesse or weird ankle movements required. 


So whether or not you’ve had a near-death ride experience like our founder, you’ve certainly had that stomach-turning moment when you couldn’t release from your clipless pedals or you slid off your platforms. Why go through that again? It’s time to decide: Do you want to continue following the trend or be on the cutting edge?



Trail Riding With The Hustle REMPedals | Hustle Bike Labs


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